Monday, February 10, 2020

Finding George Orwell in Burma Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Finding George Orwell in Burma - Assignment Example The ‘threats’ to the government include people complaint of poor living conditions, peoples lack of faith in the government and peoples need to leave the country. The prevalence of spies has ensured that people are always enslaved to the government. Secondly, the government has instilled the element of fear to the people of Burma just like the British colonizers did. The use of fear and intimidation has made the people of Burma submissive to the government since repercussions of incitement charges or hate speech of the government are dire like extra judicial killings and sexual violence. The power of fear was what made the colonizers to rule for long periods of time everywhere they colonized because a people with fear are a people with no hope for a better tomorrow. Thirdly, the Burmese government has done away with free interaction of the Burmese people with the rest of the world. The country is cut off from the rest of the world as the citizens are not allowed to leave the country nor are people allowed into the country who are not Burmese. This cut off means that the Burmese people will not have any idea how to alleviate their situation because they need the UN and other foreign bodies to aid them. The British colonizers also cut off their colonies from the rest of the world so that the people could not free themselves from their bondage. Fourthly, the Burmese government has also enacted laws which have done away with any human rights policies in that country. Human rights are not heard of in Burma and the people have absolutely no right to anything unless the government allows it to be so. The British colonizers also denied their colonies the power of human rights thus they were able to rule with outmost power and authority. Foreign bodies have also not been able to penetrate the country as their policies on people

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